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Is Caravaggio more important today than Michelangelo?

Published on March 11, 2010 11:32 AM | Comments

Interesting article from art critic Michael Kimmelman in the NY Times:

"ROME — By at least one amusing new metric, Michelangelo’s unofficial 500-year run at the top of the Italian art charts has ended. Caravaggio, who somehow found time to paint when he wasn’t brawling, scandalizing pooh-bahs, chasing women (and men), murdering a tennis opponent with a dagger to the groin, fleeing police assassins or getting his face mutilated by one of his many enemies, has bumped him from his perch."

The author goes on to make some entertaining points based on the recent studies of University of Toronto professor Philip Sohm. The most important fact however is the current exhibition of Caravaggio's work at the Quirinale in Rome - now until June 13. If we get a chance to see it I will be sure to report about it here.

Picture courtesy of the Vatican Museum

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