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The art of 15th century Ferrara, Italy, reassessed in a dazzling show

Published on October 29, 2007 11:57 AM | Comments

It seems that everyone is dumping of Florence today :)

"Great and splendid is Florence, yet the worth of all her heaped-up treasures does not equal Ferrara's jewels," declares a character in Goethe's drama on the life of the Ferrara court poet Tasso.

All kidding aside, this sounds like an interesting exhibit:

"Cosmè Tura and Francesco del Cossa: Art at Ferrara in the Age of Borso d'Este" at Palazzo dei Diamanti and Palazzo Schifanoia (until Jan. 6). This temporary return of more than 150 paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, drawings and other pieces from over 70 international public and private collections is curated by Natale Mauro with the aid of other specialists, and offers a lucid reassessment of the epoch and its leading personalities."

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