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Published on June 19, 2008 4:45 PM | Comments

McRae Books is pleased to invite you to the presentation of Lisa McGarry's new book: THE PIAZZAS OF FLORENCE to be held in the bookstore at 6.30 pm on WEDNESDAY 25th JUNE. Come and enjoy a glass of wine and a selection of antipasto.

McRae Books
Via Dei Neri 32/R
50122 Firenze
tel 055.2382456
[email protected]


Lisa McGarry's introduction to international travel came when she moved from the United States to Brazil at the age of seven. She went to spend periods in Brussels, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo as a student, and discovered a passion for Florence while earning her architecture degree at university. She felt immedicately at home the first time she visited the Renaissance city, and continued to study its art, architecture and language between frequent visits.

Lisa currently lives with her daughter in Florence, listening for whispers of history as she gathers inspiration for work as an artist.


The beauty of the narrative lies in the small details, like buying socks for the children from a market stall and adding pieces of antique cutlery to her mother's wedding canteen. Through her daily wanderings, we get an intimate introduction to the piazzas, their art and architecture, their residents, shopkeepers and visitors and we learn about their history. Lisa's original watercolour maps beautifully illustrate each piazza and the landmarks within. Each of the 12 maps sit on a fold-out page, so readers can unveil each piazza as they reach it and explore it for themselves.

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