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Michelangelo's "Crickets Cage" on view again

Published on February 16, 2009 11:41 PM | Comments

Has it really been ten years? That is what some published reports are saying - but finally the infamous "cricket's cage" (so dubbed by Michelangelo) of Baccio D’Agnolo is on view again:


This has to be one of the most infamous unfinished architectural details of all time - what would the Duomo be like if it was completed on all sides with this balcony/loggia? It is hard to imagine, but it is even harder living with the fact that such a famous building was never quite "finished" all these centuries later.

Either way, it is fantastic to be able to see this again and I hope that all the scaffolding comes down soon - but certain sides of the church look so filthy that I can't imagine another restoration project will start sooner rather than later.

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