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Castle for Sale

Published on April 1, 2010 7:14 PM | Comments

If I had a spare 2.6 million euro hanging around, I would consider this place, Castello di Monterinaldi:

Castello-di-Monterinaldi"The base of a small tower, foundations of ancient walls, some battlements, the sign of an old fortress: this is what remains of the castle of Monte Rinaldi, an old fortification in the vicinity of Radda in Chianti, which testifies (to) the presence of Longobards in Chianti even in ruins. A few kilometres from the Sienese town, amongst the vineyards and hills that produce one of the world’s most famous wines, remains what was one of the main outposts of this people, who came down into central and northern Italy from Pannonia in Eastern Europe in the 6th century, building castles, distributing warriors in the area and reorganising economic and social life in towns. Today we can see a cross-section of the new lifeblood in what remains of the castle of Monte Rinaldi. During the Longobard rule it was probably count Gottizio, as certified in an early 11th century document, who controlled the fortress, which was later passed on to the counts of Monti Rinaldi, which continued until the 12th century before being passed on to the counts Guidi."

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