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David Syndrome' to be gauged

Published on November 8, 2005 1:47 PM | Comments


"Florence, November 5 - The emotional effect of Michelangelo's stunning David statue is to be gauged in a year-long study in Florence.

Florentine psychiatrist Graziella Magherini says she aims to "assess the impact of the sculpture on cultivated onlookers." Magherini thinks a certain kind of visitor "establishes a direct relationship" with the masterpiece.

She has dubbed this bond 'The David Syndrome' - similar to the dizzy and disorientating 'Stendhal Syndrome' Magherini identified in the late '70s."

I don't know - I love art, I have been moved to tears in front of some of Michelangelo's work - but a year long study to "assess the impact of the sculpture on cultivated onlookers."?

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