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If You're Ever In Florence, You Have To Visit This Mediocre Trattoria I Know

Published on October 10, 2013 8:46 PM | Comments

This still cracks me up every time I read it - mostly I think because it really is accurate! I just got one of those robot emails from TripAdvisor trying to get me to add more reviews to their site (no thanks!) and of course they mention a couple of places that completely fit the bill for this satire:

"What a find! It's just an incredibly predictable little trattoria, right in the middle of the noisiest, most touristy section of the city. It was actually the first place we went to in Florence, believe it or not: We just kind of stumbled across it about 12 feet from our hotel. But boy, were we glad we did! It was like stepping into a much, much less satisfying version of an excellent trattoria. In fact, we ended up having dinner there every night, because we were too scared to actually wander outside our comfort zone and explore all of the amazing stuff that ancient city had to offer."

There is really a lot of pedestrian food in the center of Florence (along with a lot of great food of course) - do yourself the favor of seeking out something better when you are there (you can get some ideas here).

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