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Italy suspends all soccer matches

Published on February 4, 2007 9:55 PM | Comments

After another death related to a soccer match, this one of a policeman, the Italians are taking serious and dramatic steps. I think they are totally correct in suspending the matches. I hope this ends up as a positive for Italy overall. Here is part of the most recent story from ANSA:

ROME (ANSA) - Italy has indefinitely suspended domestic and international soccer matches after clashes by rampaging fans left a policeman dead and more than 70 people injured in the southern city of Catania Friday evening.

Police inspector Stefano Raciti, 38, was killed when a home-made bomb was thrown into his car outside the city's Massimino stadium during clashes with hooligans following a Serie A match between Palermo and Catania.

More here, but the links go bad after a while.

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