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M I C, K E Y...

Published on May 2, 2006 9:27 AM | Comments

M O U S E. Ouch - as if Florence is not already the "Disney World" of the Renaissance - over run with both regular tourists and cruise ship passengers, Disney itself is coming to Tuscany (and the rest of Europe):

"On every sailing, the (Disney) Magic will call at eight popular Mediterranean ports: Palermo, Sicily; Naples, Italy (gateway to Pompeii); Olbia, Sardinia; Civitavecchia, Italy (for Rome); La Spezia, Italy (for Florence and Pisa); and Marseille and Villefranche, France, before returning to Barcelona."

Sorry, I am just not a fan of the whole operation - and packing another 700 people into this city or any of the others mentioned for a day at a time doesn't make any sense to me. Certain things and places need more than a Rick Stevesian run through...

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