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Published on July 19, 2010 1:39 PM | Comments

Sapori-e-dintorni What is it with all the new mini supermarkets in Florence? Unfortunately I think it is a by product of this global recession. We lost the American Express office almost two years, and what is going to open in its place? A new META market (META is all over town, used to be called Magi Mart).

There is already a newer market on Borgo Albizi. There is a new one across the street from our apartment (an independent). And this morning on my walk, I passed the newest entry in town on via Guicciardini de'Bardi (and I think there are two of these - I saw something on the back of a bus mentioning two locations), the more upscale "Sapori & Dintorni" by CONAD. Some of the produce was outrageously priced - the wine prices were actually pretty good though :)

So first there were more pizzerias, then gelaterias, and now the money seems to be moving into the supermarket space. Just sort of strange.

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