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Current Exhibits in Florence

Published on August 5, 2006 3:14 AM | Comments

From ANSA:

- Uffizi Gallery: The Mind of Leonardo, The Universal Genius at Work; the show features numerous paintings and drawings as well as a series of faithful models of the most innovative machines conceived by the Renaissance giant; until January 7 .

- Casa Buonarroti: 20 paintings and numerous sketches by Baroque painter Fabrizio Boschi; until November 13. MILAN - Ambrosiana: Titian's Supper at Emmaus; one of the most famous paintings by Titian is back in Italy for the first time in nearly four centuries. Supper At Emmaus, usually on display at the Louvre, is on loan to the Ambrosiana as part of a three-painting exhibit focusing on the Resurrection of Christ. The other two works on display are Noli Me Tangere by Bernardini Luini and Marco Basaiti's Risen Christ; until November 30 .

- Triennnale Museum: Comic Book Art: the exhibition aims to show how the increasingly inter-cultural nature of the comics business has helped it move into the realm of serious art; until September 3 .

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