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Florence Marathon 2009

Published on November 20, 2009 3:54 PM | Comments

Florence-marathon The Florence Marathon is one of the great annual events of Tuscany - if you are a runner, or into marathons. If you are a tourist or a resident not into marathons, you need to be prepared! A lot of the city is shut down for the event, public transportation is re-routed or cancelled, and it can be impossible to drive and/or park anywhere near the center (and in places outside the center along the race route).

So, you have been warned! If you are traveling around or plan to come in and out of Florence on Sunday, November 29 maybe you should re-think those plans. If you are already here and have a car or rental, you might also get trapped in the city for the better part of the day. Best bet on this day is the train, and once in Florence, walking. The race is pretty cool to watch.

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