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Florens 2012

Published on October 16, 2012 3:24 PM | Comments


The 2012 edition of Florens is coming up soon - this is a biannual cultural event which will be focusing this year on the theme: "From the Grand Tour to the Global Tour". It is a week long of conferences, lectures, events, round tables and more focussing on culture and the role it plays in society. There is a schedule of events on their website (Italian only still).

Two years ago when one of the main exhibits of the conference was to sod Piazza Duomo:


This year Piazza Santa Croce will be transformed by noted Italian artist Mimmo Paladino - this is something I am looking forward to seeing!

I am also scheduled to be attending and blogging about the events and conferences as part of the "team" - I will keep you posted

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