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Giambologna exhibit "Gods and Heroes" at the Bargello

Published on March 30, 2006 1:18 PM | Comments

giambologna-venusJust a brief note about the Giambologna exhibit. We finally saw it last week - in a word, it is sublime. From a personal point of view I am not a huge fan of small bronzes, and there are many of them, but there are also many large works in marble which were amazing. My favorite piece was the medium size marble "Cesarini Venus" on loan from the US Embassy in Rome. The show looks great and is presented beautifully and is mixed in spots with the rest of the collection, some outside under the arcades of the courtyard and some inside. Of course the rest of the museum is open too - including the second piano, where we were floored by Verrocchio's bronze David (I didn't know it was in the collection and was probably one of the first sculptures I knew anything about as a child). As usual this outstanding and overlooked museum was very quiet - there was no line to get in and plenty of room to see everything once inside.

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