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Happy Monday

Published on November 12, 2012 2:47 PM | Comments

Seems like a real November day in Florence today - cool, dark, blustery, with some thunder, lightning and of course, rain. Yesterday was the end of Florens 2012 and I just wanted to publicly thank Alexandra and the Fondazione Florens for letting me participate at this year's event and congratulate her on a job well done. Unfortunately I spent most of the last few days in bed with a bad cold/flu and didn't see many of the final events. 

But I did get to sit in on many of the talks, roundtables, etc. and also participated in some apertitvo's, meals, and museum visits with other bloggers and social media experts from both Italy and abroad. Someone I am still waiting to meet however is Girl In Florence (and I think the one time I went out all weekend we were at the same event at the Bargello) who has a very nice summary of the events and some commentary here (note to self -  you really need to work on that "Woman bloggers of Florence post").

Here's my favorite photo from the week, of Paladino's sculpture in Piazza Santa Croce - looking forward to 2014:



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