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"Perugino a Firenze" At Fuligno Salon

Published on September 8, 2005 4:51 PM | Comments

From AGI Online:

Florence, Italy, Sept.6 - The "Perugino a Firenze" exhibition will be inaugurated on 7 October, patronsides by the scientific research of Rosanna Caterina Proto Pisani, Cultural Heritage Ministry and Florence Museum Superintendency. The works will be displayed at the Fuligno salon in Florence, until 8 January 2006. It's a homage to Pietro Perugino, a reflection on important pieces of work, not studied enough, nor given the right value. It's an opportunity to study well his "Last supper" fresco, as well as other frescoes and identifying single people by comparing them to other artists of the entourage (Spagna, Gerino da Pistoia, etc.). A didactic introduction on his works will re-direct people to the churches and museums where the works are held. Even the works of his pupils will be displayed, plus other paintings and carvings inspired by his style, from Tuscany and other regions, will be shown, testifying that his style was widespread, and that his role in Italian art between the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century was very important.

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