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The Olive Garden

Published on November 2, 2012 2:02 PM | Comments

The Olive Garden, November 2-11. From the Florens2012 program:
"In Piazza San Giovanni an installation of urban decor will come to life with over 70 olive trees, arranged in a checkerboard, in harmony with the lines of the Baptistery and the Piazza. The olive tree, a plant typical of the Tuscan landscape, also refers (to) the Scriptures, evoking the garden of Gethsemane. From the tree comes the primordial hut behind the architecture of the Greek temple. The olive tree is a feature of the rural landscape and an antithesis to the temporary and ephemeral: in this sense it is like Man, who should never go too far beyond the boundaries of time assigned to him; memory will remain as long as the tree does. The installation also aims to go beyond the symbolism of the olive to propose elements of values such as good food and where it is produced, where those who do so take care to preserve culture and the identity of the landscape, often with additional costs of no more than 10% . It is a production that protects the landscape, using mobility infrastructure and energy in a sustainable development approach which allows land pro- tection to coexist with economic development and is useful for combating climate change and preventing hydrogeological instability."




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