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Published on February 25, 2011 9:25 PM | Comments

Was just at a very interesting art opening "17 reflections - before the Crisis" by Alessandro Rabatti, at ub. I am not really sure what ub is - a gallery, a shop, just a cool place to show things... if someone knows more about this place please leave me a note in the comments (it definitely is cool though - update: I shouldn't be so lazy with my Italian - I guess it is basically a furniture store, but not a typical one, it also has interesting papers, objects, etc.).

The show consists of "prints" of mirror images or reflections manipulated from scans of U.S. currency. I uploaded one photo on instagram - it is a bit sexually suggestive so you may want to consider that before clicking through (for you puritans out there). Not all of the exhibit is like that, but a lot of it was.


The exhibit runs until March 10.

An interesting side note: I noticed the artist Clet Abraham, and asked him what was the status of his sculpture that was on the Ponte Alle Grazie. The town did take it down, but he told me there was a public hearing last night, and at least in front of the public, the local authorities are considering putting it back soon. That would be good!

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