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10 euro 3 course lunch at Ristorante Garbo

Published on January 28, 2011 3:01 PM | Comments


Garbo on Borgo San Frediano always seemed a little out of my price range, especially for dinner. But we noticed a sign the last few weeks for a 10 euro three course lunch, so of course we had to try it!

And... it was very good! And too much. We thought with that price it would be tiny portions, and only a small selection of dishes - but it is the regular lunch menu (which also is very reasonably priced) and rather large portions of everything. I had a huge bowl of pasta with a meaty mushroom sauce, followed by a filet of San Pietro in white wine sauce, and grilled peppers as my side dish. I couldn't finish the meal (which is pretty rare). My wife had a pasta with shrimp and zucchini, and roast pork as as second with a side of white beans - which she hardly touched, and she didn't finish the generous portion of pork either. 2 small bottles of water, and the bill was 22 euro.

If you are hungry for something good and a little different, I recommend it! Next time I think I may just have a pasta though.

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