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Canapone & Sushi

Published on December 7, 2006 11:10 AM | Comments

Image_sushiWe are always looking for sushi in Florence, and the other day I heard about this place Canapone Club Ristorante. They have sushi on Wednesday nights, so last night we walked over there to try it out (they open at 8:00 PM, and we did call for a reservation first). The dining room is pretty cool, with a sort of spartan feel - simple, painted picnic type tables and comfortable chairs, and the staff was friendly. The food overall was very good, the fish was fresh, the presentation was beautiful, and it was all delicious (though the soy was very salty!). We also had the gyoza which were very delicate and obviously hand made. The kids had a great tempura plate with shrimp and vegetables and another dish of chicken polpette (meat balls) on skewers with an excellent smoky barbecue sauce. We drank some Kirin beer which was a treat - I have not had Kirin in years - it is a little sweet and you can taste the corn in it. Overall it was a really enjoyable meal. The only caveat I would add is the price - sushi in general seems much more expensive here than in the states. Our meal was a bowl of soup, a small bowl of rice, one appetizer, two sushi plates (at €14 and €19) and two dinner entrees, one bottle of water and three beers. Total with cover was €105. No desserts, no bottle of wine. It wouldn't stop me from going again, but it is not a bargain meal.

The rest of the week the menu is Italian and they also have brunch.

Il Canapone Club Ristorante
Via Mazzetta (near Piazza Santo Spirito)
Tel +39 055 238 1729

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