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La Mangiatoia

Published on February 4, 2006 3:06 PM | Comments

Piazza Santa Felice, 8-10r (100 meters past the Palazzo Pitti, on the left, heading toward Porta Romana)
Tel. 39 055 224060
Closed Monday

Just happened to stumble into La Mangiatoia for lunch today after a visit to La Specola (the Zoological Museum), part of the Museo di Storia Naturale, which I highly recommend - especially for kids. I liked the prices on the menu outside (€4.50 for a pizza margherita) but really had no idea what the place would be like. We only had pizza and pasta (Spaghetti Carbonara) but it was very good, and all the other food going by looked great too. We saw a bunch of different pizzas at other tables that looked very interesting (one with tuna). By the time we left the place was full and about a dozen people were waiting to sit down, and they all seemed to be Italians. So we stumbled on something good - if you want a tasty lunch at a good price and you are anywhere near the Palazzo Pitti try it out.

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