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Mediocre Trattoria in Florence

Published on January 17, 2011 12:57 PM | Comments

Picked up via (thanks!) this is totally hilarious, and of course like any good satire, all too true:

"So, I hear somebody's going on a little Italian vacation this spring. You lucky dog, you. Kelly and I were there for our 10th wedding anniversary last June, and we just had a tremendous time. Even though I know you probably have your whole trip planned out already, I want to say that, if you happen to find yourselves in Florence at any point, you absolutely have to set aside a night and visit this really middle-of-the-road little trattoria I know.

Trust me on this one. It's the most uninspired restaurant in all of Florence. If you do nothing else in the entire city, you have to treat yourself to this completely adequate place."

Read the whole thing, it is hysterical - and it really is my biggest gripe as a resident of Florence. There is too much "Tuscan" food in Florence, too many restaurants, doing the exact same thing, at a really low level. I was trying to think of the most memorable things I have eaten here in restaurants, and too many of them are really just great panini places (Semel) or specialty bars (Procacci). There are some great restaurants here (Teatro del Sale), but there are way too many bland ones.

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