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Published on February 21, 2011 4:01 PM | Comments

Pegna-logo Excited to see the specialty food shop Pegna is on the web! I just got an alert that they were following us on Twitter (give them a follow) - and they also have their own website - where you can shop online (wow!).

If you don't know Pegna - it is sort of a mini high end grocery store that has everything - but I think of it more as a gourmet shop. They have tons of specialties from all over Italy, and Europe. Fantastic cheeses, bread, tons of jarred and canned items (foie gras, escargot, truffles, mustards, sauces, rabbit, tuna, etc. etc.), a huge selection of specialty pastas, and a great selection of wine, Champagne and sparkling wine.

Put it this way - if you are thinking of something crazy that you don't think you would find in Italy (like a can of Ginger Beer), you can probably find it at Pegna. It is also about the only place in Florence (outside Esselunga) where we can get Melita coffee filters.

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