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Prunotto Barolo 2001, Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino 1998

Published on January 29, 2006 2:29 PM | Comments

Prunottobussiabarolo2001Not an official review of these two wines (I wasn't taking notes - we had these last night at a dinner party). but just a mention. Both were excellent, but the Prunotto Barolo 2001 (about €30 a bottle) is a standout. Very elegant, full bodied, smooth and complex at the same time. Simply delicious. This is a wine I will definitely look to buy more of (if I can afford it!) - one of the best wines I have had anywhere. I was lucky enough to have had their Cannubi Barolo a couple of years ago at a wine dinner in St. Thomas but have yet to see a bottle of that here in Florence. The Prunotto wines are easier to find, but they are not cheap.

Castellodiromitoriobrune_1The bottle of Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino 1998 I was a little worried about - I got it very cheap at the small pizzicheria across the street from Vivoli (mostly I was concerned about how it was stored). I was grabbing a couple of bottles of the Villa Antinori and the owner offered it to me at a discount saying that it was his last bottle. It looked like the cork may have been a little suspect and I thought the wine was a little low in the neck but it was actually fine when I opened it. After it was decanted for an hour it really smoothed out and was beautiful. The color was fantastic and bright and the nose was lovely. Another wine I think I will try to find more of.

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