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Castello Sonnino

Published on January 28, 2007 10:48 AM | Comments

SoninnoAlso on Friday during my visit to Montespertoli I made a quick stop in the new cantina of Castello Sonnino to buy a couple of bottles of wine. The Montespertoli DOCG is one of the newest in Chianti, and Sonnino is one of the areas largest producers. You can walk to the castello from the old square of Montespertoli in a couple of minutes. Their Castello Sonnino Chianti Montespertoli is €4.20 a bottle at the cantina, and at that price, it is definitely a drinkable wine (I have seen it for €6 and more in shops in Florence). They also have some fancier IGTs, one a 100% Sangiovese, and another using a blend featuring the Uvaggio grape among others. Check out their site and stop in if you are ever in Montespertoli.

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