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Enoteca Bonatti

Published on April 11, 2010 2:40 PM | Comments

Enoteca Bonatti (check out my full post with videos on Florence Wine Merchants) is a fantastic enoteca just outside the center. I make it there a few times a year for a couple of bottles, but yesterday went for the big haul in lieu of a trip to VinItaly. They have an amazing ranges of wines, from the super affordable to several hundred euro a bottle. They also have a great selection of French wine (most of which are still too expensive for me however!).

I bought 12 bottles, and since I was on foot, they were delivered later that day, for free. If you are in Florence and are into wine, this is a place worth checking out - definitely one of the best in the city.


Enoteca Bonatti a Firenze dal 1934
Via V. Gioberti 66/68r 50121 Firenze
lunedì 15,30-19.45
dal Martedì al Sabato 9,30-13,00 e 15,30-19.45
Tel +39 055 660050
Fax +39 055 6529321
[email protected]

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