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La Banditaccia Aquilaia 2004, Montecucco Rosso D.O.C.

Published on March 24, 2006 3:40 PM | Comments

Here is an interesting and I think new(er) wine from the Montecucco region (specifically from Monticello Amiata), Aquilaia Montecucco Rosso D.O.C. Montecucco is one of the younger D.O.C.'s, receiving the official status in 1998. The region forms a rough crescent around Montalcino which lies to the north east. In the past most of the grapes would end up in the brunellos and rossos of Montalcino. I am still trying to find a label or bottle photo. The producer is (I think - if I am reading the label correctly) is La Banditaccia - they have a website, in Italian only at this point.

As a Rosso, this wine has to be a minimum 60% Sangiovese. The label says it spent 5 to 6 months in wood. My tasting notes:

Lush, fruity, ripe and delicious - a touch sweet for me personally, but still very enjoyable. Young, with hints of earth, juniper, thyme, leather, tar and cigar box. 14% alcohol and you can tell, but very drinkable, and the tannins seem soft - I don't know enough to say how it will age.

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