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La Castellina Aureo 2001

Published on February 10, 2007 11:06 PM | Comments

Aureo2001lacastellina_1Tonight we drank a bottle of Aureo with our friends. This is an IGT from La Castellina, who are located directly in Castellina. I got this a month or so ago when we had lunch at La Torre, a good restaurant in the main square there.

The blend for the 2001 is Sangiovese 30%, Cabernet Sauvignon 35%, Merlot 35%. We didn't let it open up much and my first taste was all alcohol, but after a while the fruit came through and it was big with a lot of berry and jam flavors and a very smooth mouth feel. Personally I thought the Merlot was a little too dominant and a little too sweet, but it went very well with our pasta with onion sauce (a reduction of onions cooked for hours with a little meat broth and cinnamon). Overall a very nice bottle of wine fairly priced at about €16 a bottle.

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