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Published on February 6, 2007 12:36 PM | Comments

WinelibraryIf you don't have a TV and/or get most of your news and information from the Web, then you may be interested in this site:

Jet fan, wine lover, New Jersey guy and liquor store Director of Operations Gary Vaynerchuk has been making these videos as a viral marketing campaign and to open up wine to a new audience. His personality may not be for everyone (like the elderly), but he has a solid, self assured (if not muscular) palate and really lays it on the line with his tastings (which is refreshing). I was entertained, and I think his goal of demystifying wine and reaching a younger generation is great. Below are a few links to episodes on Italian wines - his Chianti episode I thought was way off, not because he didn't like most of them, but because of the wines he choose - large producer, super commercial "brands" that I would not suggest to anyone. I think he needs another trip to Italy to taste some of these smaller producers that we have been enjoying. I would like to see him do a show with a few bottles I send him - maybe I will contact him and see if he has any interest.

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