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Florence maps

Published on June 26, 2005 3:48 PM | Comments

Here is an annotated selection of maps found on the web:

  • Bus Route Maps of Florence. Great PDF maps of Florence (best format for printing), with a lot of details, street names, and bus routes. Some of the best maps we have found yet. Here is a map of the city center.
  • Here are maps of Florence, and surrounding towns that are zoomable. This is from the official tourism site, APT.
  • Excellent, high resolution PDF map of Florence, perfect for printing. Large download - almost 2 megabytes. This map may be copyrighted material.
  • Map of Florence by Florence by Net - very nice large single page map, well marked, with street names and places of interest.
  • Florence map by - most likely the best overall map of Florence on the Web. Large, color coded map which you can view on-line by section, or download as a PDF. Good markings, street names, etc.
  • Map of Florence circa 1913 from a Baedeker's Northern Italy Handbook For Travellers, Fourteenth Remodelled Edition.
  • Maps by district showing most hotel locations in Florence from
  • Florence map by Lonely Planet - not very useful, small, with only the major attractions noted.
  • Florence maps by - page with links to several maps. Maps are not oriented north to south which makes them difficult to read. Not a lot of markings, but the detail maps do have street names.
  • Old Maps of Florence - page with some interesting if not exactly useful maps of Florence over the centuries.

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