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"Dark Water: Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces"

Published on October 14, 2008 10:30 AM | Comments

There is a fabulous new book out about the Florence Flood of 1966: "Dark Water: Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces". You can find some more about the book on Florence, including a short interview with author Robert Clark. Here is a blurb about the book:
"Robert Clark has written a miraculous book, a passionate inquiry into the spirit that sustains the beauty of art and its more vexing sibling, religion. Dark Water is a mystery story and a memoir, set in a city of incomparable riches and dark fascinations. Clark’s masterwork of quest literature deftly combines investigative journalism, meticulous history and, best of all, a cast of indelible characters whose lives move through Florence and its floods with novelistic power and suspense." Patricia Hampl, author of The Florist’s Daughter, Blue Arabesque

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