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Published on September 29, 2005 12:46 AM | Comments

From AGI:

"Florence, Italy, Sept 27 - Yesterday the filming of a short advert, "Florence heritage of humanity" was finished. The filming was carried out by the Unesco Centre in Florence and supported by the city council. The final shots were inside the Uffizi with contributions from superintendent, Antonio Paolucci, actor Alessandro Haber and actress Krista Corso. Mayor of Florence, Leonardo Domenici, cultural councillor, Simone Siliani, actor Marco Cocci and chairman of the Unesco Centre, Marialuisa Stringa, also all took part. Once finished Alessio Della Valle , the Florentine director, will go to Rome where it will be edited by Benni Atria, who has already edited "La vita e' bella", "Malena", "Io ballo da sola". Director of photography is Luca Coassin. The film will be presented in October at Palazzo Vecchio."

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