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Florence Tramvia is up and running

Published on February 22, 2010 7:41 PM | Comments

Well the Tramvia has been running for a while now - I hopped on from the Stazione Leopolda back to Firenze SMN (one stop - just a few minutes) and it was a perfectly fine ride. Very quiet, very smooth. The free rides are over for now however, but the few times I have seen the Tram it always appears to be full, both weekdays and weekends. I think a lot of the negative voices about this project that made it to the press were from people who were never going to ride this thing in the first place - but now that it is here - it seems to be a success.

We have heard some downside/negative rumors: one being that the overhead bar in the car is too high for the local population. This is definitely true! If you are not tall and have to stand where there are no side hand rails, the bar is high! I can see problems with this. I don't know if there are plans to retrofit the cars at all or add straps but it will be interesting to see how they fix this issue. Another was that the trip time is twice as long as projected - that I can't comment on - I don't know what the trip time was supposed to be or what it currently is, but if anyone has heard, please leave a comment.


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