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New benches in Florence

Published on February 20, 2011 11:40 AM | Comments

Finally - some more places to park yourself in Florence. There are several new benches in what most people refer to as "behind the Duomo" and technically I guess is Piazza Duomo (if this area has another name maybe a commenter can let me know). This has been pedestrian only for some time now, and it is kind of a large, empty space (this is the area where the ball at the top of Duomo fell during a storm in 1600 - there is a white circle of marble in the pavement marking the spot which you can see in the shadow in lower right hand corner of the photo). The benches are in front of the Opera del Duomo and the one you see in the photo. Anyway this is great and I think there should be many, many more in the piazzas in the center of town (hint, hint mayor Renzi).


The benches are in the area shown in the map below (you won't see them in the map image until the next time Google updates their satellite photos - but you can see the white marker mentioned above):

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