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Italian Language Schools

Published on February 20, 2007 3:44 PM | Comments

ItalianschoolAfter living here for a year and a half, I'm finally studying italian again.

Last year I studied for about a month at the "Italian in Florence" language school at Centro Internazionale Studenti "Giorgio La Pira". It was a great beginner course, held Monday through Thursday from 9-11am.

This time around I decided to stay a little closer to home, so I tried another school that a friend had recommended, Instituto Michelangelo on Via Ghibellina. My classes are Monday through Friday from 9-1:00 (otherwise known as 9,00 to 13,00) - the first two hours are grammar and the second two hours conversation. The classes are also very small (usually about 4 to 8 students) and the conversation component I think is especially effective.

There are a million language schools in Florence. I can't comment on most of them, but I would recommend both the schools I've tried so far. Giorgio La Pira is a little less expensive, while Instituto Michelangelo is perhaps a little more intensive - so I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

I've actually had a few neighbors and local shop keepers comment that my italian is improving! So they must be doing something right.


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