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The Count Down Begins

Published on August 11, 2005 3:21 PM | Comments

We are 20 days away from leaving for Italy from JFK in New York. We have visas, an apartment, plane tickets, and a ride from the airport all arranged. We bought one way fares from St. Thomas to Newark NJ the other day - we will leave here on the 26th of August and have a few days in NJ to sort out our storage space and say good bye to our friends and family there. We sold both our cars this week at what seemed to be pretty fair prices, and this Saturday we are having a big house sale (although most of our furniture has already been sold too!). So the count down begins - the bulk of what is left is packing and shipping the rest of our stuff. The strangest item of information we have found this week is the list of things you can not mail to Italy (photo albums?) - pretty interesting.

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