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Santa Croce Area Hotels and B&Bs

Published on January 9, 2006 10:22 AM | Comments

I put together a list of hotels near us (Piazza Santa Croce) for some family members who were planning on visiting. I thought I’d post it in case anyone is looking for lodging in the area. I’m also including my very brief notes/comments about each one. Some I've actually visited or walked by, but some I just researched on the web – either way, these are some I would recommend. They vary in price range from reasonably expensive to slightly budget (although that’s hard to find here in Florence). The links mostly go to other hotel booking sites, but some go directly to the hotels own pages. Here they are...

Le Staze di Santa Croce B&B
Very near us, nice, I think mid-priced... On this site, click on "how to reach us" tab and enlarge the map - it shows where the different hotels are located.

Hotel Santa Croce
Very close to us, more of a budget place, maybe not so fancy and smaller, but looks nice anyway.

Looks great for the price I think - one of the cheaper ones. Good general location.

(another website)
Definitely a little cheaper than a lot of places, looks like it's got some nice character though and very close to Piazza Santa Croce.

Hotel Dante
Very close to us, and a little cheaper than some. Friendly people at the desk.

Hotel Brunelleschi
Location is a little further from us, but still close (5 min walk), and right in the middle of all the tourist sights - pretty expensive.

Relais Santa Croce
Looks very expensive and very fancy and very close to us.

Hotel Bernini Palace by Baglioni hotels
Expensive, very close to us and everything, looks nice.

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi
Larger hotel right on the river, very near us, expensive.

B&B Il Bargello
It's close to us and is on the cheaper side ...should be on the "" site.


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