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When in Florence

Published on October 22, 2007 1:54 PM | Comments

New article today in the NY Sun about Florence in general (shopping, dining, lodging). Most of it is pretty good - but the author talks about the Santo Spirito area as a place to stay with no mention of the recent problems in the piazza, closing of the church, etc.

From the article:

"The cobblestoned streets of Florence are often so clogged with tourists that it's difficult for a first-time visitor to hear Italian spoken amid the hum of English, German, and Japanese, let alone find the corners of the city where locals pass the hours. Having worked in Italy's Renaissance jewel for three months, I learned that Florentines, unlike tourists, won't shell out $12 for gelato. Instead of walking through the crowded historic center, residents bicycle along side streets and in parks at the city's outskirts. And they opt to buy mortadella bologna in grocery stores or the central market, not in expensive macellerie, or butcher shops. I learned to navigate the city like a local. When experienced in this manner, a visitor can see beyond Florence's veneer — thick with crowded museums and overpriced pastas — and, at least temporarily, join the ranks of a boisterous, hearty community that is distinctly Italian."

More here.

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