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Back in Florence

Published on August 24, 2008 11:29 AM | Comments

We are back in Florence after a long trip to the states, a short visit to the UK, and a week of holiday in France (Lagrasse).

The weather here in Florence has been warm but bearable and the evenings are actually quite cool.

The city is still nearly empty except for tourists - but that will start to change starting this week - most shops that are closed say they will return the 24th, 28th, or 2nd of September.

We are looking forward to seeing the French Impressionism exhibit at the Palazzo Strozzi, and I would like to see "I grandi bronzi del Battistero" at the Bargello again before it closes on September 7th.

As the fall approaches we are going to be changing gears here on the Florence Journal. We will definitely be posting more, but the posts are going to be much more about the day to day here in Florence, and things that are more tourism related are going to put on our Florence guide site Florence-On-Line.

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